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Letting students think out-of-the-box

Sanne de Jong focuses on education and innovation in the Biomedical Sciences program at Utrecht University. In the new course she developed for master students of Biology of Disease, she…

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Wetenschapper in Advies aan een teambuildingsopdracht

Every group of students their own screen

Last year Jasper van Winden (biology lecturer1 at Utrecht University) flipped his course Wetenschapper in advies (Scientist advisor) for the first time, but ran into unsuitable rooms. So this year…

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Knowledge clips Public Science Communication

As a part of the course Public Science Communication at the Freudenthal Institute master students made knowledge clips in the TLL. These clips are the final products for group assignments….

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studenten en het leerproces

Handing the learning process to the students

Together with his colleagues at the Urban Futures Studio (Utrecht University), Jesse Hofman (post-doc researcher and lecturer) has developed a new course – Techniques of futuring – which is taught…

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