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Lightboard To Go

Lightboard To GoDo you always use a schoolboard to explain everything to your students, and do you always fill up the board with explanations? Do your students often ask you to ‘explain it one more time’, even though you had already clearly explained something? Then make a knowledge clip with the Lightboard To Go!

With the Lightboard To Go you can explain a formula or building block of a molecule to your students fairly easily and quickly. Visualize abstract terms, difficult formulas or complicated concepts with a simple marker.

Recording knowledge clips with the Lightboard To Go has several advantages:
Lightboard To Go

  • The technology consists of a marker, a cloth and a glass plate to draw on.
  • As a teacher you are in the picture and you are looking into the camera while you explain, so you have more personal contact and can better transfer the subject matter.
  • Simple recording with for example your smartphone. Extra microphone is included!
  • No cameraman needed and no difficult editing.

You can use the knowledge clips you make in your classroom, according to the flipping the classroom model. You transfer the knowledge, information or assignment in short videos that students can watch when and where they want. During the contact moments, understanding can be tested and applied in mutual discussions, positions or (group) assignments.

Practical information

  • The Lightboard To Go is only available for UU employees.
  • For the Lightboard to Go you need a room with a (possibility of) a dark background. Note: this board needs to be set up with two people. You can then use the Lightboard to Go on your own.
  • Do you have questions? Contact us via Email!
  • Reservations can be made via the reservations form: reserveringsformulier Lightboard To Go (in Dutch).

Teaching Support

Do you have questions about teaching? Teaching Support is a new helpdesk where all UU teachers can go with their teaching questions and where all knowledge of the partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching is bundled. For more information, go to www.uu.nl/teachingsupport, send an email to teachingsupport@uu.nl or call 030-2532197. Teaching Support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You will be assisted by someone from teacher support who can help you immediately or who knows exactly who can help you with your question. You will then be referred right away. The aim is that your question will be dealt with within one working day.