Teaching & Learning Lab

About the Teaching & Learning Lab

The Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) is an education lab for teachers in secondary and tertiary education, students and pupils in secondary education, researchers into didactics and companies. It is a place for doing research together into new innovations, to develop them and test them in real practice. Together the users of the TLL improve their own teaching and inspire colleagues with new ideas.

As a teacher in secondary or tertiary education you can work on innovating your teaching in the Teaching & Learning Lab. Workshops and courses give you a hands-on introduction to the possibilities. Work on your lessons, lectures and/or practicals together with colleagues.

In the lecture/experimentation rooms you can fully control the setting of the room. Modern equipment such as interactive whiteboards, an interactive wall and beamers are at your disposal, as well as a manned studio for recording clips.

Interesting TLL-activities are already planned. Check out the agenda to see if there’s anything for you!

If you  are a didactical researcher, the Teaching & Learning Lab is the environment for your research. The physical setting of the lecture/experimentation rooms is incredibly flexible, and the lab is equipped with cameras that cover all angles. In addition, the TLL recording studio and a large variety of educational equipment is available, from whiteboard to lightboard. All these possibilities result in ample opportunity for comparative research and didactical experiments.

In the (manned) studio, clips can be recorded using, for instance, a green screen and a transparent lightboard. These clips can be used in blended learning research.

Are you interested in using the TLL for your research? Please contact us.

The Teaching & Learning Lab works with several innovative companies. This means the TLL always has the latest educational equipment, and teachers are able to test new products in practice.

Want to cooperate with the UU Teaching & Learning Lab? Please contact us!

Companies and institutions outside Utrecht University use the lecture/experimentation rooms for example to hold their own workshop or brainstorm. And the studio is also popular for practicing and recording, especially with the lightboard. Give it a try and rent an educational test room or the studio!

Are you a U-Talent Academy pupil? Then you will often have cool lessons in the Teaching & Learning Lab! Your teachers have designed special lessons, that they will try out during your lessons in the TLL. Have you ever dangled from the ceiling in a  trapeze during a physics lesson? Or see a heart beating on a sheet of paper? What?? Yes, we thought so! Wouldn’t it be cool if teachers could do that in your school as well? Better try it out first – in the TLL. Have fun!

Or are you a teacher training student at the University Utrecht? Then you can regularly design and teach this kind of lessons in the TLL. All the room you need to unleash your creativity on!

Students who want to join in thinking about innovative ways to improve their own education are very welcome! Please contact Frans van Dam for more information.