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Lecture/experimentation rooms

In the lecture/experimentation rooms, teaching determines the setting, rather than that the setting determines how the teacher will teach. Tables and chairs, standing tables, or no furniture at all, everything is possible. There is also a variety of equipment available, such as digital whiteboards, an interactive wall and observation cameras.

Due to the Corona measures, the number of people that can be present in the rooms has been reduced: in BBG 319 for up to 5 and in BBG 322 for up to 15. The amount of furniture has also been adjusted so that it is possible to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

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Large room

The large lecture/experimentation room (3.22) of the Teaching & Learning Lab (max. 15 people) is suitable for different educational settings and subject didactical research. The room includes an interactive wall, benches and observation cameras. If desired, the room can be furnished with mobile scrum tables (6-8 people) that are adjustable in height, lightweight two-person tables and chairs. In addition, several interactive whiteboards can be used, a learning table or a 3D printer.

The large lecture/experimentation room of the Teaching & Learning Lab is suitable for different educational settings and subject didactical research. On request, a lesson in the large lecture/experimentation room can completely be recorded with observation cameras and/or a 360-degrees camera. Researchers can record the lesson for later analysis or can remotely watch the lesson live, in consultation with the teacher.

The large lecture/experimentation room contains a number of fixed elements as well as flexible furniture and equipment that can be used according to your needs.

The fixed elements in the large lecture/experimentation room are:

  • An interactive wall (video YouTube in Dutch) of six metres wide (Nureva span)
  • Eight observation cameras, suspended from the ceiling and connected to a computer for recording (Noldus)
  • Folding benches for about 24 people (on one side of the room)
  • Tubing grid on the ceiling, for example to hang up materials for test setups (for instance the pendulum test)
  • The room can be completely darkened with blackout curtains and screens on the side adjacent to the hall

The (flexible) furniture for the large lecture/experimentation room can be requested as a supplement to the fixed elements:

  • 4 mobile scrum tables, adjustable height, with outlets
  • 4 mobile scrum tables, adjustable height, without outlets
  • 18 small two-person tables
  • 36 chairs

The following equipment is available on request for the large lecture/experimentation room:

  • Interactive whiteboards (up to three)
  • A Learning Table
  • Three short throw beamers
  • A 3D printer
  • X360 laptops with HP SchoolPack

Book the large lecture/experimentation room (3.22) or contact us.

Small room

From September 2020, the small lecture/experimentation room (3.19) of the Teaching & Learning Lab will be set up as a dynamic classroom and can only be reserved for the provision of distance learning.

Book the small lecture/experimentation room (3.19) or contact us.


Book a lecture/experimentation room

You can make a reservation for one or both lecture/experimentation rooms. We will charge a fee for organisations outside Utrecht University.

Do you want to book a lecture/experimentation room? Before we can approve your request for a reservation of one or both rooms, we need some information from you. We use this information to determine how and by whom the facilities of the TLL are used and how we can further optimize the rooms and our support.

For UU-employees: UU-employees can request the rooms themselves through the Outlook Calendar. UU-employees also need to fill in the booking form, to ensure that we have all the information needed for the use of the room.

For non-UU-employees: Use the booking form. We will charge a fee for non-UU-employees (mail Frans van Dam for more information).

Innovative lessons

For inspiration about innovative lessons in the Teaching & Learning Lab see our good practices page.

In addition to the TLL, there are other active learning spaces at Utrecht University, such as the (Future) Learning Spaces. See here an overview of the UU’s Innovative Learning Spaces.

Teaching Support

Do you have questions about teaching? Teaching Support is a new helpdesk where all UU teachers can go with their teaching questions and where all knowledge of the partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching is bundled. For more information, go to www.uu.nl/teachingsupport, send an email to teachingsupport@uu.nl or call 030-2532197. Teaching Support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You will be assisted by someone from teacher support who can help you immediately or who knows exactly who can help you with your question. You will then be referred right away. The aim is that your question will be dealt with within one working day.