Teaching & Learning Lab

Booking a lecture/experimentation room

Both our lecture/experimentation rooms (3.19/3.22) and our studio (3.25) can be booked for varying activities – including but not limited to formal education, workshops, conferences and staff meetings. Different rules apply for each kind of activity, as formal education always has priority.


Booking one of our lecture/experimentations rooms (3.19/3.22) for education is done in the same way as scheduling large lecture halls: via the faculty schedulers. Prior to the relevant block/semester, teachers may indicate for which course they want to use BBG 3.19 or BBG 3.22. If the space is available, your reservation will be confirmed based on a short intake interview.
Note: When several teachers want to use the rooms at the same time, the character of the education is taken into account; education in which the observation cameras are used, as well as activating and collaborative forms of education have priority over others.

Our rooms may be reserved for activities other than education, such as workshops and (staff)meetings. This can be done via https://resourcebooker.uu.nl/. However, education has priority. Thus, you can only make reservations for 3.19 and 3.22 after all regular education has already been scheduled – this is usually the case several weeks prior to the semester or block.

Note: For non-UU employees, extra costs may apply. (mail Frans van Dam for more information).

Would you like to book the studio? Please check the Studio information.