Teaching & Learning Lab


The Teaching & Learning Lab is an initiative of the Freudenthal Institute and Educate-it, partners of the Centre for Academic Teaching of Utrecht University. The TLL also cooperates with various innovative companies.


logo freudenthal instituut

The Freudenthal Instituut (FI) is part of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University (UU). Together with partners both within and outside the UU the FI contributes to innovation and improvement of Dutch science education. The mission of the FI is to contribute to high quality education in mathematics and the science subjects through education, research and valorisation.


partner Educate-it


Educate-it is a UU-wide programme for and by lecturers and students, that supports them to strengthen their teaching and adapt it for the future of education. Educate-it supports lecturers both in practical use of IT-tools that have already been proven to be of value in education by other lecturers at the UU, and in (re)designing their lectures for blended learning.


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The Centre for Academic Teaching at Utrecht University is a university-wide network of programs and partners that contributes to the development of teachers and education for the optimal support of student learning. Together with the other partners, they focus on teacher development, innovation in education and dissemination of knowledge about teaching and learning. Each partner with its own scope, home base, expertise and organizational approach to activities. In the centre they join forces, complement and reinforce each other.




The Teaching & Learning Lab cooperates with several innovative companies. This means the TLL always has the latest educational equipment, and teachers and lecturers are able to test new products in practice.

At the moment we enjoy our cooperation with the following companies:

Ricoh – e.g. innovative beamers, smart table
HP – e.g. Sprout computer
Ultimaker – e.g. 3D printing
The TLL is also one of the six 3Ducation HUBs in the Netherlands. This means that schools can use the 3D printer in the lab in lessons.

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