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Due to the Corona crisis, the TLL lecture rooms and studio are closed. All reservations through May 29 are cancelled. For period 4, from Monday June 1, reservation of the lecture rooms and studio is possible, subject to change.

In the Teaching & Learning Lab studio you can record knowledge clips, short videos, webinars or other videos for your lessons. You can do this both with assistance from an operator or in the Do-It-Yourself setting.

Professional recordings with operator

afbeelding greenscreen

An operator will assist you with the recording, make the recording with a professional camera and lighting and will do the video montage right away or at a later time. In addition to a simple recording with a white or standard background it is also possible to make recordings using a green screen or a light board.


Using a greenscreen makes it possible to put the recording against any background you might want, both during and after recording. For instance a tropical rainforest or an iceberg. A mathematical equation or a graph are also possible.
A light board allows you to explain like on a whiteboard or blackboard by writing on a glass screen with neon pens. Because you are standing behind the glass screen, you can continue to look straight into the camera while writing. After the clip is recorded it is mirrored, so the text will be legible for the viewer.

See also the possibilities of the Lightboard To Go

Example video light board recording

Further explanation about how the use and application of light boards can be found on the Educate-it webpage.

Would you like to make a professional recording with an operator? Please fill in the studio booking form and the operator will get in touch to discuss your wishes and plan a date. University staff can check the availability of the studio – but not book it – via Outlook (Buys Ballotgebouw 3.25).

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to tll.studio@uu.nl.

Do-It-Yourself studio

In addition to a professional set-up with an operator, the studio also has a standard set-up for making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) knowledge clip recordings. Before the recording you will need to apply for an account on MyMediasite. This DIY studio is provided by Educate-it and can be used by both staff and students. In the clip below, Maaike van der Veen, Educate-it, explains the use of DIY studios on the campus, including the TLL.

Introduction video Do-It-Yourself studio

University staff can check the availability of the studio via Outlook (Buys Ballotgebouw 3.25). To reserve the studio, please fill in the booking form.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to tll.studio@uu.nl.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the best way to enrich your lessons with knowledge clips or short videos? You can read more on the Educate-it knowledge clips and E-lectures page. See our good practices page for examples of knowledge clips.