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TLL Autumn Festival: beyond the classroom

Friday afternoon November 30 well over 200 teachers, students, secondary school pupils, and representatives of business and educational institutions took part in the third Autumn Festival of the Teaching &…

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Knowledge clips by students

In the last block of academic year 17-18 students once more made short knowledge clips during the Master’s course Public Science Communication of the Freudenthal Institute. The three best rated clips are…

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3D printen

3D printer lesson plans

3D printers can easily be used in whole class lessons. Within the framework of the ‘3D in Education’ Erasmus+ project lesson plans have been developed for all subjects and for…

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Teachers find their way to the TLL

Teachers who want to innovate their courses increasingly find their way to the Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL). There, they experiment with new set-ups of furniture, whiteboards and beamers or…

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Do-It-Yourself studio

The studio has a standard set-up for making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) knowledge clip recordings, in addition to a professional set-up with an operator. This DIY studio is provided by Educate-it and can be used by…

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Letting students work on their skills in the TLL

The elective course Co-create: life’s professional challenges stimulates students to solve a problem in society in an innovative way. Twenty third-year bachelor, master and recently graduated students from all faculties at…

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