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Strengthen-Your-Education-week. Note 27-30 January 2020 in your agenda today!


The first ‘Strengthen-Your-Education-week’ was held in the first week of July. Lecturers were enthusiastic about the event: “I discovered new interesting things and I came back to work with inspiration…

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Learning Tables

Studying mathematics on learning tables

Technological innovations rapidly transform our educational routines, but in which cases do these innovations contribute to the understanding of mathematical concepts? Anna Shvarts (researcher at the Freudenthal Institute) is exploring…

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Lightboard To Go

New: Lightboard To Go

Do you always use a schoolboard to explain everything to your students, and do you always fill up the board with explanations? Do your students often ask you to ‘explain…

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TLL Activity Report

Many activities in 2018

Last year, numerous activities were held within the TLL, from activating education for students and pupils to festivals, education workshops and escape rooms. Researchers know to use the TLL for…

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