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ralph meulenbroeks

YouTube channel with physics for teenagers reaches 1 million views

On 24 October, the YouTube channel by Ralph Meulenbroeks reached the magic number of one million views. In his videos, the Associate Professor from Utrecht University explains complicated principles of physics so that anyone can understand them. The target group is secondary school physics students, and the channel has proven to be extremely popular among them. “Vlak…

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Attend the TLL Autumn Festival on November 30th!  

Experience how to effectively integrate knowledge clips in your education. Try to escape from an educational escape room, or learn how to deploy digital tools such as scalable learning and peer-feedback in the classroom. This is a sampling of the Festival of the Teaching & Learning Lab, scheduled on Friday afternoon for teachers, lecturers, students…

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Knowledge clips by students

In the last block of academic year 17-18 students once more made short knowledge clips during the Master’s course Public Science Communication of the Freudenthal Institute. The three best rated clips are shown below. They’re worthwhile anyway, but especially if you are curious about the effects of caffeine, the dangers of raw meat nutrition for animals or…

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3D printer lesson plans

3D printers can easily be used in whole class lessons. Within the framework of the ‘3D in Education’ Erasmus+ project lesson plans have been developed for all subjects and for pupils from the first year of secondary school to well into the upper grades. See www.e3du.eu for concrete lesson plans which have been tested in…

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Teachers find their way to the TLL

Teachers who want to innovate their courses increasingly find their way to the Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL). There, they experiment with new set-ups of furniture, whiteboards and beamers or record clips in the studio, using the transparent Lightboard. The interactive wall is frequently used for brainstorms during student challenges and training sessions, and pedagogy…

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Do-It-Yourself studio

The studio has a standard set-up for making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) knowledge clip recordings, in addition to a professional set-up with an operator. This DIY studio is provided by Educate-it and can be used by both staff and students. In the clip below, Maaike van der Veen, Educate-it, explains the use of DIY studios on the campus, including the TLL. Want…

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TLL Autumn Festival in NVOX

In NVOX (2018, number 3) an article has been published about the TLL Autumn Festival 2017. In this article two parts are highlighted: ‘Escape rooms in the vo’ and ‘The augmented reality sandbox’. Read the article (pdf in Dutch).        

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From NLT assignment to national robotics project: Leaphy

It all started one and a half years ago at the Corderius College in Amersfoort when Hannah and Vroukje, pupils from the fourth grade of secondary school, during an NLT module developed a prototype for a robot named Leaphy. With the help of their teacher Olivier van Beekum and co-students they continued to develop the…

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Knowledge clips Public Science Communication

As a part of the course Public Science Communication at the Freudenthal Institute master students made knowledge clips in the TLL. These clips are the final products for group assignments. The feedback procedure that is used, raises students’ awareness of any remaining didactical room for improvement. View the videos of the best knowledge clips aimed…

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