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Knowledge clips by students

In the last block of academic year 17-18 students once more made short knowledge clips during the Master’s course Public Science Communication of the Freudenthal Institute. The three best rated clips are shown below. They’re worthwhile anyway, but especially if you are curious about the effects of caffeine, the dangers of raw meat nutrition for animals or why it is important that we are aware of the extinction vortex when it comes to conservation of animal species!

Negative effects of cafeïne
By: Mirjam Adams, Fee Romunde
Target Audience: 18-25 years general audience
Raw meat nutrition for your pet
By: Nikki Hofman, Freek van Bree, Linde van Schalkwijk
Target Audience: (Future) pet owners
Extinction vortex 
By: Judith Algra, Bas van Boekholt
Target Audience: 5- and 6-vwo with biology

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