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Knowledge clips Public Science Communication

As a part of the course Public Science Communication at the Freudenthal Institute master students made knowledge clips in the TLL. These clips are the final products for group assignments. The feedback procedure that is used, raises students’ awareness of any remaining didactical room for improvement.

View the videos of the best knowledge clips aimed at a specific target group. All clips are subtitled in English.


By: Taylor Early & Vivian Lehmann
Target group: BA, MA en PhD- studenten


By: Tamara Notenboom & Aike Vonk
Target group: Children 8+

Temperature record from Ice cores

By: Johan Korten, Isolde Glissenaar

Target group: Secondary education

Brain signals: from thought to hand movement

By: Myrna Kelfkens, Natalie van Dis

Target group: Secondary education

Black Box Science

By: Robert Buisman, Mardie Vermunt, Luuk Stel

Target group: Secondary education