Teaching & Learning Lab



16 March 2023
16:00 - 17:00
BBG 3.19 (start) & Lili's protolab

TLL Inspiration café x Lili’s Proto Lab: Prototype a practical in your education

Learn prototyping.

We have room for a maximum of 20 participants, so please register here.

Ever walked around with an idea in your head, but didn’t have the tools to actually make it? The life of an academic oftentimes features experimenting a lot and our education reflects that. How amazing would it be if you could actually try it all out? What if you could prototype your custom fly trap for your thesis project? What if you could build your own temperature regulated feedback chamber? With the introduction of Lili’s Proto Lab, students get the possibility to prototype and to experiment in a maker space right at our own campus!

Lili’s Proto Lab is a place for you to test your creative ideas and materialize them into a working prototype. From 3D printing and laser cutting to microfluidics and robotics, in the Proto Lab you get to practice with operating these tools and practice with these various prototyping methods. And on Thursday 16th of March, from 16:00-17:00, you get to experience this as well. Together with Lili’s Proto Lab we’re organizing an inspiration session and workshop in one, all about this maker space.


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