Teaching & Learning Lab



15 September 2022
BBG 3.19 and online via MS Teams

TLL Inspirationcafé | Virtual Reality

Always wanted to know what it feels like to be a protein? Learning about anatomy in 3D? Or would you rather experience how a court works from your own home? It’s all possible nowadays because of Augmented and Virtual Reality technology! It may seem a bit futuristic at times, but it’s increasingly more and more accessible and easy to create things with these technologies. So then the question becomes, why should you as a teacher? It helps visualize abstract themes amazingly, it is way more realistic than a flat textbook, it makes inaccessible real-life experiences accessible for everyone, it’s easy to incorporate game-based learning elements in these applications, and more! But before you start creating, maybe you’d like to experience it yourself? Be sure to come to the inspirationcafe on the 15th of September with Augmented and Virtual Reality as its theme.

During this inspirationcafe Beerend Hierck will tell you all about the application he uses to teach more realistic anatomy education to his students, and Mark de Blecourt will show off the escaperoom he built in virtual reality and everything that’s needed to do so. On top of this, there’ll be goggles to experience VR and AR by yourself, so make sure you’re there on the 15th of September!


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