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30 August 2021

Future Learning Spaces for the entire UU community

With the focus on distance learning for more than a year, you would almost think that the physical learning environment has been forgotten. Fortunately for the UU-campus: nothing could be further from the truth! The members of the project group Future Learning spaces (FLS) have worked hard to improve the physical learning environment within the university.

The FLS project investigates how special learning spaces can contribute to education at the University Utrecht. These Future Learning Spaces reflect the teaching vision of Utrecht University concerning activating, flexible, intensive and small-scale education.

Some of the concepts of these spaces, which have been developed based on previous experiments, will be available for the entire UU from September on.

What is a ‘Future Learning Space’?

A Future Learning space is a physical learning space that has been labeled as ‘Future Learning Space’ based on a number of criteria.

One of the conditions for receiving this label is that the learning space must be accessible to the entire university community. Another condition is that the learning space is an innovative physical learning space, which must be further crystallized by means of a pilot. In the long term, a Future Learning Space should have the potential to be embedded within the educational landscape.

The definition of a ‘Future Learning Space’ already implies that the portfolio of Future Learning Spaces is subject to change. It is therefore determined annually which learning spaces belong to the Future Learning Spaces. If a new concept is successful, it (or elements of it) can be embedded in the new standards of the UU learning spaces.

Which Learning spaces have become a ‘FLS’?

For the academic year 2021-2022, the label Future Learning Spaces has been awarded to the following spaces:

Active Learning Classroom: Bolognalaan 6 (capacity 48)

Virtual Classroom: Ruppert Building, 1.39 (capacity 48)

Teaching & Learning Lab, Buijs Ballot building 3.22 (capacity 40)

Teaching & Learning Lab, Buijs Ballot building 3.19 (capacity 20)

Each of these rooms has its own characteristics and possible teaching methods. On the website of the Future Learning Spaces project you can find more information about the rooms in question and read how you can make a reservation for a room.

In development

In addition to the rooms with the FLS designation, we are also developing new types of learning spaces within the project. To explore and further develop these concepts, a Co-Creation Community Future Learning Spaces has been established within the Special interest group Learning Spaces.

The teachers, students and experts which are part of this group meet every month to discuss one of the new concepts.

Participate or want to know more?

Are you interested to participate in the Co-Creation Community Learning Spaces? Send an email to: fls@uu.nl.

Do you have any additional questions? Or do you want a guided tour in one of these Future Learning Spaces? Sent an email to teachingsupport@uu.nlciting ‘Future Learning Spaces’.