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9 July 2021

Herfstfestival 2021

On Friday the 12th of November, we will host the yearly Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival. This year with the theme: “Flexible learning: education of the future”. The conference will include a keynote speaker and several parallel-workshops in different rooms on the Utrecht Science Park. Fitting to our theme, most of the workshops will also be available online.

Around 12 o’clock, we will open the Autumn Festival with a drink and a bite, after which Danial Hassan will interview our keynote speaker Arthur Bakker on the future of education based on his own research. After the Interview with Arthur Bakker and a short Q&A session, several workshops will be available, such as:

Lessons from the pandemic

Ralph Meulenbroeks (UU), keynote speaker of the last edition

As the global COVID-19 pandemic forced education to go into a state of emergency online education in early 2020, academic discourse quickly came to focus on the new situation and what could be learned from it in order to improve education. The present presentation gives an overview of the discourse on, mainly higher, education during the pandemic in publications that appeared in the top-50 journals on the Clarivate Education list in the period April 2020-May 2021. Five main themes were identified: affect, teaching practice, teaching context, achievement and assessment, and equity.

Post-COVID Hybrid Learning:  Big Hype or Big Help?

Jasper van Winden (UU) and Barend Last (UM)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some far reaching developments in teaching and learning. Maybe one of the most concrete and conspicuous is the hybrid classroom, which enable students to follow classes from home or on campus. While the most serious consequences of the pandemic will wear off over time, the hybrid classroom might be here to stay. This brings a new color to our palette of choices for educational design that requires further exploration. What are the risks and opportunities of hybrid teaching and learning after COVID? Is active and equivalent learning possible in a hybrid setting? How can thoughtful design of the learning space and hybrid facilities improve the learning experience for both students on campus and from home?

Barend Last from Maastricht University and Jasper van Winden from Utrecht University will shed their light on these questions and more during an interactive workshop from the Hybrid Active Learning Classroom at Utrecht Science Park.

Future Learning Spaces: Learning Plaza

Laurien Jansen (UU)

During the workshop from the project ‘Future Learning Spaces’, we will give form to the concept Learning Plaza. In a Learning Plaza, both formal and informal learning activities take place, for which different corners of the room are designed and equipped. After the initial discussion on the added value and limits of the physical learning space, we will get to work with creating designs for the Learning Plaza in the Minnaert-building on the Utrecht Science Park.