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12 November 2020
16:00 - 18:00
Teaching & Learning Lab online via Teams

Inspiration Drink Teaching & Learning Lab online: Lab-education Edition!

TLL inspiratiecafeThe Teaching & Learning Lab organizes an Inspiration Café every second Thursday of the month. Alternately, a story by a teacher, a student or an interesting educational tool will be presented. But above all, there is an opportunity to exchange ideas about education with colleagues. On the 12th of November we will have no less than 5 speakers and we will focus entirely on Lab education.

Lately we have faced all kinds of challenges in education, but making lab education online was one of the bigger ones. How do you simulate conducting an experiment online? Can you do that at all? Two tools within the UU indicate that they offer partial solutions for this and during this Inspiration Café we will give them and the teachers who are currently using it the room to talk about this.

Labster is a tool that jumped into this area a long time ago and offers ready-made virtual lab simulations. The student navigates through a kind of online game, as it were, in which the student looks through a microscope, prepares test tubes, adds substances, etc. In these simulations the student can also make mistakes and for example even create a fire in the lab :O
Alexander Mortensen has been working at Labster for a long time and is happy to tell you more about it. Bas Defize also shares his experiences as a teacher with this tool. He has used Labster several times in his course and is happy to tell you about the pros and cons.
Manoe Janssen & Roel Maas-Bakker chose another alternative in their course; the LabBuddy tool. LabBuddy is an online application for preparing and conducting experiments. It offers possibilities for keeping track of a lab journal, setting up a research design and much more. Together with Elly Langewis and Janine Geerling, Manoe & Roel converted their lab education in period 4 to an online variant in LabBuddy. Roel, Elly & Janine will talk about their experiences and the possibilities the program might offer you.

Do you give lab education and would you like to have better prepared students in your course? Or are you looking for interesting online opportunities to replace parts of your lab education? Or are you just curious about these great online opportunities? Then we’ll see you on the 12th of November at 16.00 in Teams! See you then.

When: Thursday 12 November 2020
What time: from 4 – 6 PM
Where: Teaching & Learning Lab online via Teams
Registration: Not necessary, free entrance, even after 4 pm