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27 November 2020
12:40 - 16:30

Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival 2020 – ‘Education Everywhere’

We are currently working hard on preparations for the fifth edition of the interactive online Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival 2020. The festival, aimed at secondary and higher education, will take place on Friday afternoon 27 November 2020. The main theme is Education Everywhere and will be supported through the sub-themes Augmented / Virtual Reality (AVR) and Distance learning. In the keynote by motivation expert Ralph Meulenbroeks, the motivation during distance learning is discussed.

Furthermore, there are various workshops in which distance learning in secondary and higher education are discussed, we take a look at tools that can support distance education and the world of augmented and virtual reality can be explored on your own phone. It will be a great festival with space for direct applications in distance learning and there is room to further innovate education with AVR.More information & registration

Date:  Friday, 27 November 13:00-16:30 hrs

Location: Online, via Let’s Get Digital

For whom: Teachers, students, pupils and anyone interested in innovation in secondary and / or higher education

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Impression of the Autumn Festival 2019:

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