Teaching & Learning Lab


Come to the Autumn Festival November 22, 2019

Come to the Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival on Friday, November 22, 2019 in Utrecht. This fourth Autumn Festival is for everyone who feels involved in innovation and improvement of secondary and higher education.

Take part in workshops, making and listening sessions on activating work forms, blended learning and active learning spaces. Solve an educational puzzle box and experience how to use it in your teaching or make one yourself.

In between the workshop rounds, three speakers will give their views on the digitization of education. José van Dijck (university professor of media and digital society) and Jan Haarhuis (head of the Educate-it program for blended learning) will enter into a dialogue with each other to unpack their views on the digitalization of education. Afterwards, educational scientist Casper Hulshof will critically debunk a number of myths about digitalization of education.

During the Autumn Festival you can watch live with two Design Thinking sessions, in which students work together with teachers on an education challenge.

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