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10 October 2019
16:00 - 18:00
Buys Ballotgebouw 3.19, Science Park Utrecht

Inspiration Drink Teaching & Learning Lab

Inspiration Drink Teaching & Learning LabThe Teaching & Learning Lab organizes every second thursday of the month an inspiration drink. Alternately a story of a teacher, a student or an interesting education tool is offered. But above all, there is room for exchanging thoughts with colleagues about education while enjoying a bite and a drink.

During the Inspiration drink on Thursday 10 October, Friso Bouman and Anneke Marien, both student members of the University Council, will take a closer look at “Flex studies”. With Flex studying, students no longer pay their annual tuition fees, but per credit. A number of experiments with this form of education have been running since this academic year. What are the pros and cons of this system? Does Flex Studying has the future?

When: every second thursday of the month
What time: from 4 – 6 PM
Where: Teaching & Learning Lab (Buys Ballotgebouw 3.19)
Registration: not necessary, free entrance, even after 4 pm