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Attend the TLL Autumn Festival on November 30th!  

Learn how to use knowledge clips effectively. Escape from an educative escape room, take part in a lesson study or create a new learning space by rearranging the furniture. Learn from teachers how they experienced how to use digital tools like scalable learning and peer feedback in the classroom. Experience how high school students program a robot. These are some of the workshops that TLL offers on Friday afternoon, November 30th.

The Autumn Festival is aimed at teachers, lecturers, students and all those who want to know more about innovation of secondary and higher education. It is organized by the Teaching & Learning Lab, the Freudenthal Institute, the Educate-it programme on blended learning and hosts activities by regional educational institutes.

Put the Autumn Festival on 30 November 2018 in your diary! Check the preliminary program. In September the complete program will be published and registration for the festival will start late September.

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