Teaching & Learning Lab


13 January 2022
16:00 - 17:00

Inspiration Café | Gamification in Education

During this session, Jasper van Winden will tell us more about game based learning and the different methods to implement them in your classroom. Why should (or shoudn’t you) implement games in your education, apart from the obvious ‘fun’ component? Afterwards, Nico Brand will share his own personal experiences with games in his education. He will explain the set-up and grading, and he will share something about his student’s experiences.

We hope to see you the 13th of January at 16:00 for this year’s first online Inspirationcafé! You can join the session via this teams link.

Do you want more on this topic, and are you looking forward to implement interactive and engaging methods to spice up your classes, or are you interested in effective and creative alternatives to engage with highly complex material? Then you can join the Special Interest Group about Gamifying teaching by sending an e-mail to cat@uu.nl