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27 September 2021

Online Learning space and community forming: Autumn Festival 2021

Only two months left before the yearly Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival! During some of the workshops we will be specifically discussing the online learning space, and how it may facilitate or complicate the formation of a sense of community, and it’s influence on the equality between all students. We’re happy to announce another three workshops specifically tailored to this subject:


Grace Ebron (UC Berkeley)

Although the global pandemic drove all of us unexpectedly–and perhaps, reluctantly–to online classrooms, instructors discovered ways to create an engaging and enriching learning experience for themselves and for their students. In this session, we will explore strategies that increase participation and engagement for students in online learning environments. Along the way, we will work with free and easy to use tech tools that will enhance our online teaching presence and create a vibrant and active learning space that highlights student-teacher collaboration as well as support formative assessments.


Jeroen Jansen (UU)

A lot of educational institutions, both in primary-, secondary-, and higher-education, are contemplating the role which online education should and could play in our educational systems. One of the big questions involved is how, with usage of online education, we can still make sure that students feel part of a community.

During the workshop by Jeroen Jansen we will dive into the difficulties and possibilities of online community creation and collaborative education. How can collaboration between students contribute to their feeling of belonging, and how can such collaborative learning methods best be applied? What should we take in mind when facilitating online-collaboration and what is the teacher’s role therein?


Bert Le Bruyn (UU)

In this (online) workshop, I provide an introduction to the functions of Teams but I also present my attempts at making teaching at home feel more like teaching in a classroom. I’ll go over a number of possible soft- and hard-ware additions to your home office and illustrate what they can do for you in your online Teams (or Zoom) classroom. After this workshop, you’ll have a good understanding of the basics of Teams and you’ll have a fair idea of how you might want to prep or extend your home office for online teaching.


We are looking forward to welcoming you on November the 12th!

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