Teaching & Learning Lab


27 September 2021

The physical learning space: Autumn Festival 2021

During the Autumn Festival on Friday the 12th of November, we will be discussing the education of tomorrow. While the online learning space is gaining traction, the physical learning spaces keeps a very important place in our education. For which kind of education is the physical learning space of added value? Come discuss and think about such questions during some of the Autumn Festival’s workshops that are given solely on-campus!


Ivar Troost (UU) and Simon Dirks (UU)

Let’s shape tomorrow: Complex problems in society require a transdisciplinary approach. The Faculty of Science is developing The Science Games to encourage students from different disciplines to work together in solving these issues – in collaboration with stakeholders and experts in- and outside the university. During this offline hackathon, you will experience first-hand what it is like to join forces and face the challenges of the future. Along the way we will share lessons we’ve learned in deploying designing-as-learning in our classrooms, and how this impacts the social contract between teachers and learners.