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9 April 2020
16:00 - 18:00
Microsoft Teams, see link

Inspiration Drink Teaching & Learning Lab – online!

TLL inspiratiecafeThe Teaching & Learning Lab organizes every second thursday of the month an inspiration drink. Alternately a story of a teacher, a student or an interesting education tool is offered. But above all, there is room for exchanging thoughts with colleagues about education while enjoying a bite and a drink.

All the online education and working from home has also inspired us and that is why the Inspiration Drink continues online. You are responsible for the drink from the fridge and perhaps a (deep frying) snack, then we will take care of the Inspiration!

During the Inspiration Drink on Thursday 9 April, Maryse Leloup & Daan Fraanje will take you on a theme of sustainability. What could you do to make your education more sustainable? As a teacher you play an extremely important role in approaching the theme of Sustainability. Both substantively in the course material of your course, but also in the possibilities to design your course as sustainably as possible. Are you, as a teacher, curious how your course can contribute to a more sustainable society? Or do you have good ideas about this yourself that you want to share with colleagues? Then come online!

When: 9th April 2020
What time: from 4 – 6 PM
Where: Microsoft teams, click on the link to join the team
Registration: not necessary, free entrance, even after 4 pm

Interested people can join the team and on the day we start a meeting in the channel. During the entire meeting, interested people can simply join by clicking on the link above and “join” the meeting in the channel.