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Knowledge clips Master’s course Communicating Science with the Public

In block 1 of academic year 18-19 once again students have made short knowledge clips during the Master’s course Communicating Science with the Public (CSP) of the Freudenthal Institute. In this course students learn to write a text for a general public and to make a knowledge clip about scientific knowledge.

Do you want to learn the difference between absorbing and adsorbing? Do you want to know how viruses are spread or know more about polar amplification? And how to recycle plastics by using alternative sources?

Watch the knowledge clips below.

Knowledge clip absorbing and adsorbing
By: Dorien van de Berge and Gillermo van Velzen
Final knowledge clip ‘polaire amplificatie’
By: Danielle Gerritsma and Maartje Staal
What do you know about Microplastics?
By: Lopamudra Das, Laura Cheung Chow and Citra Putriarum Tanudjaya
Spreading of viruses
By: Teslime Temür and Eline van Huizen

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